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How its made.

We have our own expert mould makers who produce moulds from MDF, wood, rubber or fibreglass, depending on how intricate the item is, allowing us to produce units to almost any shape or size to meet your requirements. Masters can be sculpted from clay for approval prior to moulding if required.

All our reconstituted stone products are handmade from a dry cast mix. This blended in large batches with special attention to accurate gauging of the various aggregates that make up each individual blend. It is then packed into moulds in numerous layers with hand tools, each layer is keyed prior to the adjacent layer being packed over. 

All of our units are homogenous meaning that the same mix is used throughout and not just on the surface where the unit is seen with the remainder packed with a cheaper blend of aggregate.

Once the mould is packed completely the item is left to set. Depending on the unit, it is left in the mould from between 12 and 24 hours before it is struck.

The reconstituted stone unit is then cured using nebulous water sprays on a regular basis before it is ready to leave our workshop and go to site to be fitted.

We produce reconstituted stone in standard hues which are Portland, Bath and York, however we are able to colour match most other stone types.