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Temple Stone London Limited are also accredited and approved installers of Thor Helical Remedial masonry reinforcement systems, providing a cost effective concealed, non disruptive solution for many types of masonry remedial stabilisation. The aim is to restore structural integrity into masonry, where its load bearing capabilities have failed due to ground movement, weathering or increased loads.

Precision engineered 304 stainless steel helical bar is used to provide the required strength, flexibility, durability and restraint in all conventional materials.

Where there is evidence that the ground has moved due to subsidence, heave, settlement or slip a professional qualified structural engineer should be consulted who understands building movement. This will ensure that the faults are correctly diagnosed and a suitable Thor Helical repair strategy is adopted. Be it:

    •    Crack stitching
    •    Resin injection
    •    Cavity wall ties
    •    Masonry beams
    •    Bay window repairs
    •    Movement joint creation
    •    Heliforce beaming

Installation on:

  • Grade I listed buildings
  • Grade II listed buildings
  • Private Housing
  • Social Housing
  • Local Authorities

Clients include:

  • Lewisham Council
  • Southwark Council
  • City of London

Crack stitch method

Lateral restraints

Lintel repairs